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1. Easy Trip Planners (Easemytrip) is focusing on expanding its presence in the bus, hotel, and travel sectors to maintain its share in the domestic market and gain share in adjacent markets.

2. Concerns have been raised about the company's ability to show growth in profits by 25% year on year due to increasing competition and lower margins.

3. Despite concerns, some investors remain bullish on Easemytrip's potential for growth through market share grab from other OTA's and a shift of customers from direct airline booking to EMT, as well as the company's focus on high-margin hotel business.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the potential investment opportunity in Easy Trip Planners (Easemytrip), an online travel agency (OTA) in India. The author believes that the company's focus on expanding into bus, hotel, and other travel segments makes sense, as maintaining their share in the domestic aviation market will require them to maintain operating expenses without much room for expansion. However, the author questions how Easemytrip will show growth in profits by 25% year on year when competition intensity is increasing and margins are decreasing.

The article presents some concerns raised by others, such as a possible pump and dump activity and caution around the recent bonus and stock split announcements. However, the author does not find these concerns very material.

The article also mentions some positive developments for Easemytrip, such as good traction in air traffic and hotel bookings and a recent successful sales event. The author believes that Easemytrip's growth will be intact due to market share grab from other OTA's and shift of customers from direct airline booking to EMT as there is no convenience fee at EMT. Additionally, the company's focus on hotels segment is seen as a high margin business that could contribute significantly to future earnings.

Overall, while the article presents some potential biases towards investing in Easemytrip, it also acknowledges some risks and missing evidence for claims made. It would benefit from exploring counterarguments more thoroughly and presenting both sides equally.