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1. The impact of online user reviews on hotel room sales: The article explores the influence of consumer-generated online reviews on the performance of hospitality businesses, specifically in the context of hotel room sales. It highlights that online user reviews play a significant role in shaping consumer decisions and can greatly affect the sales of experience goods like hotel rooms.

2. Importance of online word-of-mouth (WOM): The article emphasizes the importance of WOM in the digital era, where individuals can easily share their opinions with other internet users. It discusses how online user-generated reviews are perceived as a valuable source of information for travelers, providing up-to-date and reliable insights into travel-related facilities. Previous studies have shown that WOM has a strong impact on consumer decision-making processes and can significantly influence product sales.

3. Methodology and data collection: The article describes the methodology used to investigate the impact of online WOM on hotel bookings. Data was collected from a major travel website in China, specifically from consumer reviews and hotel information available on the website. A crawler was developed to download web pages and parse HTML and XML data into a database. The study focused on consumer reviews posted during a 12-month period, analyzing 3625 reviews for 248 hotels.

Overall, this article highlights the significance of online user reviews in influencing hotel room sales and provides insights into the methodology used to study this impact.

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