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1. SolidWorks and Inventor have a similar layout, with the workspace in the center, a ribbon of main features on top, and the property manager to the left.

2. SolidWorks is divided into three main environments: Part, Assembly, and Drawing. Inventor is divided into six environments: Part, Sheet Metal Part, Assembly, Weldment Assembly, Drawing, and Presentation.

3. SolidWorks has a Feature Manager Design Tree to the left of the workspace while Inventor has a Browser box for parts and objects.

Article analysis:

The article provides an accurate comparison between SolidWorks and Inventor in terms of their layout and features. It is clear that both programs have similar layouts but differ in terms of their environment divisions. The article also provides detailed information about each program's features such as the Command Manager in SolidWorks or Graphics Presets in Inventor.

The article appears to be unbiased as it does not promote either program over the other but rather provides an objective comparison between them. It also does not make any unsupported claims or omit any important points of consideration when discussing each program's features. Furthermore, it does not present any promotional content or partiality towards either program which makes it reliable for readers who are looking for an impartial comparison between these two programs.