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1. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has signed a bill banning so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity ammunition magazines in the state.

2. The legislation was passed in a lame-duck session, just ahead of new members being sworn in, and took effect immediately with Pritzker’s signature.

3. Republicans argued that criminals are not going to register their firearms or turn in their magazines, and that law-abiding gun owners will be impacted by the laws passed by the General Assembly.

Article analysis:

The article is biased towards the Democratic Party's stance on gun control, as it fails to mention any counterarguments or evidence for why such measures may not be effective in reducing gun violence. It also fails to mention any potential risks associated with such measures, such as increased black market activity or an increase in illegal gun ownership. Furthermore, it does not present both sides of the argument equally; instead, it focuses solely on the Democratic Party's position and ignores any potential arguments against it. Additionally, the article does not provide any evidence for its claims that banning assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines will reduce gun violence; instead, it relies solely on anecdotal evidence from a single incident involving a legally purchased semiautomatic weapon. Finally, the article promotes the Democratic Party's position by using language such as "thugs" to describe criminals who use handguns to commit violent crimes in Chicago - language which could be seen as inflammatory and divisive.