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1. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is open to the possibility of expunging former President Donald Trump's impeachment.

2. Groups of Republicans proposed resolutions to expunge both impeachments in the last Congress and Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., supported a resolution to expunge Trump's impeachment over Jan. 6.

3. Former Rep. Markwayne Mullin introduced a measure in the 117th Congress to expunge the former president of the first impeachment from 2019 and Texas Republican Rep. Pat Fallon expressed interest in expunging both impeachments.

Article analysis:

The article is biased towards Republicans as it focuses on their views and opinions on expunging former President Donald Trump’s impeachment, while not providing any counterarguments from Democrats or other sources that could provide an opposing view on this issue. The article also fails to provide any evidence for its claims, such as statistics or research studies that could back up its claims about Republicans wanting to expunge Trump’s impeachment, which makes it difficult to trust its accuracy and reliability. Additionally, there are no risks noted in the article regarding potential consequences of expunging Trump’s impeachment, which could be important for readers to consider before forming an opinion on this issue. Furthermore, the article does not present both sides equally as it only provides quotes from Republican representatives without any input from Democrats or other sources that could provide a different perspective on this issue. In conclusion, due to its lack of evidence and one-sided reporting, this article is not very trustworthy or reliable when it comes to presenting an unbiased view on this topic.