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1. Richard Prince is an important artist born in the 1950s who has been involved in artistic creation related to many fields such as photography, sculpture, painting, installation, and so on.

2. Prince's re-photography works are quite controversial and have been criticized by mass media for his appropriation of large numbers of ready-made pictures in his own works.

3. From the perspective of social and cultural criticism, Prince’s works are mainly concerned with media, advertising and personal identity in modern society. A series of controversies around Prince reflect the conflict of different tastes between the masses and the elite.

Article analysis:

该文章对Richard Prince的艺术作品进行了介绍和分析,但存在一些偏见和片面报道。首先,文章将Prince的re-photography作品描述为“极其简单”的创作方式,忽略了他在选择、编辑和展示方面所做出的复杂决策。其次,文章没有探讨Prince作品中可能存在的版权问题和道德争议。此外,文章也没有提供足够的证据来支持其主张,例如Prince的作品是如何反映现代社会中媒体、广告和个人身份等问题的。