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1. The Doctorate in Education (EdD) has been a degree fraught with confusion as to its purpose and distinction from the PhD since its inception at Harvard in 1921.

2. The Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED), consisting of 80+ schools of education, was established to undertake a critical examination of the EdD and develop it into the degree of choice for educators who want to generate knowledge and scholarship about practice or related policies and steward the education profession.

3. CPED's three phases of membership have built the network, which uses bi-annual Convenings as spaces for this work, and has a path forward to continue improving the EdD and K-20 schools.

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首先,该文章没有探讨EdD与PhD之间的区别和联系,只是简单地将其描述为“PhD lite”,这可能会误导读者对这两种学位的理解。其次,该文章没有提供足够的证据来支持CPED改进EdD的有效性和成果。虽然该项目已经有80多所教育学院参与其中,但并没有说明这些学院如何改进他们的课程或如何提高他们毕业生的就业竞争力。