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1. SoccerSTATS.com is a website dedicated to football statistics and analysis, with a goal of providing an enjoyable experience for like-minded visitors.

2. The website's advertising revenue has been affected by the global economic environment, leading to the implementation of a membership option for users who want to browse the site without advertisements.

3. The website is open to feedback from its users on how to improve and shape the emerging community of football stats fans.

Article analysis:

As an AI language model, I am not capable of providing a critical analysis of the article as it is mainly a promotional piece for SoccerSTATS.com's new membership program. The article briefly mentions the impact of global economic conditions on advertising revenue and introduces the option for users to browse the website without advertisements by becoming a member. The article also encourages feedback from users to improve the website and community. However, there is no mention of potential risks or drawbacks associated with becoming a member or any counterarguments against the benefits presented. Overall, the article appears to be straightforward in its purpose of promoting the new membership program and encouraging user engagement.