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1. This paper uses the empirical Green's function (EGF) method to simulate the ground motion intensity of Datong Autonomous County under the action of a scenario earthquake (MS7.5).

2. The uncertainties associated with various source parameters were considered, and 36 possible earthquake scenarios were simulated to obtain 72 sets of horizontal ground motions in Datong County.

3. The average acceleration spectrum of the selected acceleration-time history exceeded the expected spectrum of an intermediate earthquake, which means that buildings in Datong County might sustain some damage should the scenario earthquake occur.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy as it provides detailed information about its research methods and results, as well as potential implications for disaster control in the region. The authors have also taken into account various sources of uncertainty when conducting their simulations, which adds to the credibility of their findings. However, there are some points that could be improved upon in terms of trustworthiness and reliability. For example, while the authors have discussed potential risks associated with their findings, they do not provide any evidence or data to support these claims. Additionally, while they have discussed potential implications for disaster control in the region, they do not explore any counterarguments or alternative solutions that could be implemented instead. Finally, while they have provided a comprehensive overview of their research methods and results, they do not discuss any potential biases or limitations that may have impacted their findings.