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1. Kim Seon Ho, a South Korean actor, faced backlash and was cancelled after an anonymous post circulated online accusing him of manipulating someone into getting an abortion under false pretenses.

2. Cancel culture is a social phenomenon that has been happening not only in South Korea but also in other countries, where public figures are shamed and boycotted on social media for their controversial actions or statements.

3. The understanding of cancel culture is divided among the participants, with some agreeing that it can be a good thing to hold public figures accountable for their actions, while others disagree and see it as a negative practice that can harm celebrities' careers unfairly.

Article analysis:

该文章的标题“Kim Seon Ho, You Are Cancelled: The Collective Understanding of Cancel Culture”已经表明了作者的立场和偏见。文章似乎试图为Kim Seon Ho辩护,认为他被取消文化所害。然而,这种偏见并没有得到充分证明。



第三,文章缺乏平衡性和客观性。它只关注了Kim Seon Ho被取消文化所害,并未探讨其他演员或公众人物如何应对类似情况。此外,文章也没有考虑到可能存在其他因素导致Kim Seon Ho受到谴责。

最后,该文章存在一些语言上的问题。例如,“budaya batal”(印尼语中“cancel culture”的翻译)可能不是一个准确或恰当的术语来描述这种现象。