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1. Conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Diana's death have been debunked by Operation Paget, a Met Police inquiry that found no credible evidence to support them.

2. Theories about Diana being pregnant and Dodi proposing were disproven by post-mortem examinations and witness testimony, while claims that the driver was part of the conspiracy were dismissed due to his elevated alcohol levels.

3. The paparazzi were not found to be involved in any criminal conspiracy, and claims about faulty seatbelts, bright flashes, and delayed medical treatment were also debunked by Operation Paget.

Article analysis:

The article "6 conspiracy theories about the death of Princess Diana debunked" provides a detailed analysis of the various conspiracy theories surrounding the tragic death of Princess Diana. The article is well-researched and presents a balanced view, providing evidence to debunk each theory.

However, there are some potential biases in the article. For example, the article relies heavily on the findings of Operation Paget, which was conducted by the Metropolitan Police to investigate the conspiracy theories surrounding Diana's death. While this investigation found no credible evidence to support the conspiracies, it is worth noting that some people may still believe in these theories despite this official verdict.

Additionally, while the article does provide counterarguments to each theory, it could have explored these counterarguments in more depth. For example, when discussing whether Diana was pregnant at the time of her death, the article cites witness testimony and post-mortem examinations that found no signs of pregnancy. However, it does not explore why some people may still believe she was pregnant despite this evidence.

Overall, while the article provides a thorough analysis of each conspiracy theory and presents evidence to debunk them, it could have explored counterarguments in more depth and acknowledged that some people may still believe in these theories despite official investigations.