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1. Reading tarot cards can be a transformative and personal practice that can help connect with intuition and unlock personal power.

2. Beginners should choose a tarot deck that speaks to them, take care of their cards, and make their own meanings while also learning from supplemental material.

3. Effective tarot questions should be crafted carefully, and readers should pick a spread before shuffling the cards. Keeping a tarot journal can help track progress and insights gained from readings.

Article analysis:

The article "How to Start Reading Tarot Cards, According to the Pros" provides a beginner's guide to reading tarot cards. The article covers various aspects of tarot reading, including selecting a deck, caring for the cards, learning the meanings of the cards, formulating questions, shuffling and cutting the deck, choosing a spread, and tracking progress through journaling.

The article presents insights from several professional tarot readers who offer their tips and tricks for beginners. However, there are some potential biases in the article that should be noted. For example, the article promotes specific tarot decks and books without providing alternative options or exploring potential drawbacks. Additionally, some claims made in the article are unsupported or lack evidence.

One-sided reporting is also evident in the article as it only presents one perspective on certain topics. For instance, while some professional tarot readers recommend using reversals in readings, others choose to ignore them entirely. The article only presents one viewpoint on this topic without exploring counterarguments or potential risks associated with either approach.

Furthermore, while the article provides useful information for beginners on how to start reading tarot cards, it does not address potential ethical considerations or risks associated with tarot reading. For example, some people may use tarot readings as a substitute for professional mental health treatment or rely too heavily on them for decision-making purposes.

Overall, while "How to Start Reading Tarot Cards" offers helpful advice for beginners interested in tarot reading, readers should be aware of potential biases and limitations in its reporting. It is important to approach any spiritual practice with caution and seek guidance from trusted sources when necessary.