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1. AISI 4140 steel (AS) is commonly used in slewing bearings, but wear fatigue at the contact areas of raceways and rollers reduces equipment service life.

2. AS-SnAgCu-TiC composites (AS-SACT) filled with multi-solid lubricants were developed to improve wear resistance and antifriction properties.

3. The bionic textures on the surface of AS-SACT allowed for self-repairing behavior, with SnAgCu diffusing from the textures to worn surfaces and multi-layer lubricants wrapping around nano-TiC particles to repair pits and furrows on worn surfaces.

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最后,文章可能存在偏袒之嫌。例如,在介绍研究背景时,作者只提到了AS钢(AISI 4140 steel)的问题,并没有探讨其他材料可能存在的问题或解决方法。