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1. The Chinese Loess Plateau faces challenges of over-population, scarce resources, and a fragile ecological environment. The degradation of the environment has negative impacts on productivity, economic losses, and living conditions.

2. Previous attempts to manage the Loess Plateau lacked a comprehensive agro-ecological economic regionalization map. Different debates focused on strategies such as increasing natural ground coverage, developing state-owned forest farms, or implementing subsistence agriculture. However, these proposals did not adequately assess the regional variation and did not consider economic development as a positive factor in environmental protection.

3. This study aims to develop a system that integrates ecological and economic systems for the Loess Plateau. It uses principal component analysis (PCA) integrated with clustering analysis (CA) and geographic information system (GIS) technologies to assess the eco-economic status of the region. The results will guide ecological and economic development in the area and provide a methodological framework for regionalization on a large scale like the Chinese Loess Plateau.

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