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1. Many news publishers have a certain amount of content that is always free, either for ethical reasons or to maintain other revenue sources.

2. B2B and business information publishers often use a hard paywall as they have proprietary information or data.

3. Consumer magazines often use freemium or metered paywalls, with free-to-access content acting as an entry point to full subscriptions.

Article analysis:

The article discusses paywall strategies for news, B2B, and B2C publications. It notes that while many news publishers have some form of paywall, there is an argument to be made that most news content should be free to consume at the point of publication. The article also highlights the different types of paywalls used by various publications, including hard paywalls, metered paywalls, and freemium models.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on the benefits of offering free content. While it acknowledges that some publications have a hard paywall and that this can work well for certain types of content, the article seems to suggest that offering free content is generally preferable. This bias may stem from the fact that the author works for a digital media company that likely relies on advertising revenue rather than subscriptions.

Another potential issue with the article is its lack of discussion around the impact of paywalls on journalism as a whole. While it briefly touches on the importance of news sites as a bulwark against disinformation, it does not explore how paywalls might limit access to important information for those who cannot afford to subscribe. This is an important consideration given the role that journalism plays in informing citizens and holding those in power accountable.

Overall, while the article provides some useful insights into different paywall strategies used by various publications, it could benefit from a more balanced discussion around the pros and cons of each approach. Additionally, it would be helpful to see more exploration around how paywalls impact access to information and what this means for society as a whole.