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1. Change management is essential for businesses to achieve their goals and navigate through disruptions effectively by collaborating with senior executives, ensuring effective communication with employees, and providing necessary training.

2. Examples of successful change management initiatives include Starbucks implementing "My Starbucks Idea" to engage customers, Netflix pivoting its business model to streaming services, General Electric using Six Sigma methodology to reduce defects, and Domino's Pizza adopting technology for digital operations and delivery.

3. Other successful change management examples include IBM and Tesco streamlining operations and growing revenue, Walmart and IKEA leveraging digital tools for automation and customer experience enhancements, Tesla disrupting industries with electric cars and sustainability focus, and LEGO restructuring through digital transformation after facing financial challenges.

Article analysis:

The article provides a list of change management examples from various companies, highlighting their successful implementation of change initiatives. While the examples provided are indeed inspiring and showcase the positive outcomes of effective change management strategies, there are several aspects of the article that warrant critical analysis.

One potential bias in the article is the focus on success stories without acknowledging potential failures or challenges faced by these companies during their change management processes. By only highlighting success stories, the article may present a skewed view of change management as always leading to positive outcomes. It would have been beneficial to include examples of companies that faced difficulties or setbacks in their change initiatives to provide a more balanced perspective.

Additionally, some claims made in the article lack evidence or specific details to support them. For example, when discussing General Electric's use of Six Sigma methodology, the article mentions that Jack Welch saved over $10 billion through changes made following this technique. However, there is no further explanation or evidence provided to substantiate this claim. Including specific data or case studies would have strengthened the credibility of such statements.

Furthermore, the article focuses primarily on showcasing successful change management examples from large corporations, such as Starbucks, Netflix, and General Electric. While these examples are undoubtedly valuable, it would have been beneficial to include examples from smaller enterprises or startups to provide a more diverse range of perspectives on change management.

The promotional content for Apty's Digital Adoption Platform towards the end of the article also raises concerns about partiality and bias. While it is understandable for companies to promote their products or services, including such promotional content within an article discussing change management examples may detract from the overall credibility and objectivity of the piece.

Overall, while the article provides valuable insights into successful change management strategies employed by various companies, there are areas where improvements could be made to enhance its credibility and balance. By addressing potential biases, providing more evidence for claims made, including a diverse range of examples, and avoiding overtly promotional content, the article could offer a more comprehensive and nuanced analysis of change management practices in enterprises.