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1. Commodity science involves standardization and certification of goods to determine product quality indicators.

2. The emergence of commodity science is closely related to economic characteristics of products, including equipment, materials, components, and raw materials.

3. Commodity science aims to systematically understand the consumption value of goods and was separated into a separate science during its development.

Article analysis:

The article on commodity science discusses standardization and certification of goods, but it lacks depth and clarity in its content. The text seems to be a list of questions and answers without providing much context or explanation for the reader. This makes it difficult to fully understand the topic being discussed.

One potential bias in the article is the lack of diverse perspectives or alternative viewpoints. The information presented appears to be one-sided and does not consider different opinions or arguments related to standardization and certification of goods. This can lead to a limited understanding of the subject matter and may not provide a comprehensive overview for readers.

Additionally, the article contains unsupported claims without providing evidence or sources to back up the statements made. For example, when discussing methods of determining product quality indicators, there is no explanation or examples given to support this claim. This lack of evidence weakens the credibility of the information presented.

Furthermore, important points of consideration are missing from the article. For instance, there is no discussion on potential risks associated with standardization and certification processes for goods. It is crucial to address any potential drawbacks or challenges that may arise in order to provide a balanced perspective on the topic.

Overall, this article lacks depth, evidence, and balanced reporting on the topic of standardization and certification of goods in commodity science. It would benefit from providing more detailed explanations, supporting evidence, diverse perspectives, and addressing potential risks associated with the subject matter.