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1. Scutellaria barbate extract induces apoptosis of hepatoma H22 cells: The article discusses the effects of Scutellaria barbate extract on hepatoma H22 cells. It highlights that the extract can induce apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in these cancer cells.

2. Involvement of the mitochondrial pathway and caspase-3: The study suggests that the induction of apoptosis by Scutellaria barbate extract in hepatoma H22 cells occurs through the mitochondrial pathway. This pathway involves the activation of caspase-3, a key enzyme involved in cell death.

3. Potential therapeutic implications: The findings of this study have potential therapeutic implications for liver cancer treatment. By understanding the mechanisms through which Scutellaria barbate extract induces apoptosis, researchers may be able to develop targeted therapies for hepatoma H22 cells.

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