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1. The article discusses various studies and models that explore the relationship between saving and investment, particularly in the context of international capital mobility.

2. Some of the factors that affect this relationship include financial globalization, technological shocks, political business cycles, and exchange controls.

3. The Feldstein-Horioka puzzle, which refers to the apparent lack of correlation between saving and investment across countries, is also discussed in some of the studies.

Article analysis:

Unfortunately, the article title provided does not correspond to any of the articles listed in the text. Therefore, it is impossible to provide a detailed critical analysis of an article that has not been identified.

However, based on the list of articles provided, it appears that they cover a wide range of topics related to saving-investment correlations and capital mobility. It is important to note that each article may have its own potential biases and limitations, as well as strengths and contributions to the literature.

When reading academic articles, it is crucial to critically evaluate their content and consider multiple perspectives and sources of evidence. This includes examining potential biases or conflicts of interest, assessing the validity and reliability of data and methods used, identifying missing or unexplored points of consideration or counterarguments, and evaluating whether claims are supported by sufficient evidence.

Overall, it is important to approach academic literature with a critical mindset and engage in thoughtful analysis rather than accepting information at face value.