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Display Legislation
Source: cljlaw.com
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Article summary:

1. The legislation received Royal Assent on August 31, 2016 and was gazetted on September 15, 2016.

2. The legislation came into force on various dates, with the latest being March 15, 2019 for section 241.

3. The article provides links to a list of amendments, amending acts, and subsidiary legislation related to the main legislation.

Article analysis:

The article provides information on the Display Legislation in Malaysia, including its Royal Assent date, in force date, and gazetted date. It also includes a list of amendments and links to amending acts and subsidiary legislation.

However, the article lacks context and explanation for those unfamiliar with Malaysian law. It assumes prior knowledge of legal terminology and processes, which may make it difficult for laypeople to understand.

Additionally, the article does not provide any analysis or commentary on the legislation itself. It simply presents factual information without any discussion of potential biases or implications.

There is also no mention of any potential risks or drawbacks associated with the legislation. This one-sided reporting could be seen as promotional content for the legislation without presenting both sides equally.

Overall, while the article provides useful information for those familiar with Malaysian law, it lacks context and analysis for a broader audience.