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1. Marilyn Moore is running for mayor of Bridgeport again, four years after her unsuccessful 2019 campaign.

2. John Gomes and Lamond Daniels are also in the race, with Gomes having raised $100,000 in his first month and Daniels having raised $26,000.

3. Moore's claims of economic hardship in Bridgeport are challenged by evidence of new development projects such as the Cherry Street Lofts and Honey Locust Square.

Article analysis:

This article appears to be a fair and balanced assessment of the current mayoral race in Bridgeport. It provides an overview of the candidates' backgrounds and their respective fundraising efforts, as well as a comparison between Moore's claims about economic hardship in the city and evidence that suggests otherwise. The article also acknowledges that crime was down substantially in 2022 under Mayor Ganim's leadership, which is an important point to consider when evaluating Moore's candidacy. Additionally, it notes that Moore had difficulty organizing her campaign during her previous run for office and that she may need assistance from an advisor this time around.

The article does not appear to have any major biases or unsupported claims; however, there are some points that could be explored further. For example, while it mentions that Moore received support from Bridgeport Generation Now Votes during her 2019 campaign, it does not provide any information on whether they are still backing her this time around or if they have shifted their support to another candidate such as Daniels. Additionally, while the article mentions that Ganim won the primary election due to absentee ballots, it does not provide any details on how many absentee ballots were cast or percentage of votes they accounted for overall. These points could be explored further to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the current mayoral race in Bridgeport.