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Richard Carrier and Josephus
Source: historyforatheists.com
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Article summary:

1. Richard Carrier is a New Atheist blogger who has failed to make an academic career for himself.

2. He recently wrote a book on the historicity of Jesus which has gone largely unnoticed and has been cited by no one.

3. Carrier has an obsessive vendetta with leading New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman, and recently attacked both Ehrman and Tim O'Neil in a blog post titled "On the Gullibility of Bart Ehrman & the Asscrankery of Tim O’Neil".

Article analysis:

This article is written from a biased perspective, as it paints Richard Carrier in an overwhelmingly negative light. The author does not provide any evidence to back up his claims about Carrier's academic career or life choices, nor does he provide any counterarguments to Carrier's views on the historicity of Jesus. Furthermore, the author fails to mention any potential risks associated with his own views, such as the risk of alienating readers who may disagree with him or who may be sympathetic to Carrier's views. Additionally, while the article does present some valid points about Carrier's arguments regarding Josephus' reference to Jesus' brother James, it fails to explore other counterarguments that could be made in favor of Carrier's position. Finally, there is also promotional content in this article as it promotes Ehrman's book Did Jesus Exist? without providing any critical analysis or evaluation of its contents.