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1. Kevin McCarthy won 85% of the House GOP vote last November, but a small group of hard-liners managed to leverage their 5% of the vote to temporarily paralyze Congress.

2. There is growing disdain among some in the Republican universe for the idea that majorities get to govern, evidenced by proposals such as “voter integrity” and an “independent state legislature” with power to draw lines and set rules for elections.

3. The current situation in the House demonstrates how fragile majorities and systems of governance can be when challenged by a committed minority.

Article analysis:

The article provides an analysis of the current political situation in the US House of Representatives, focusing on Kevin McCarthy's failed bid for Speaker and how it was thwarted by a small group of hard-liners who leveraged their 5% of the vote to temporarily paralyze Congress. The article is written from a partisan perspective, as it paints Republicans in a negative light while praising Democrats for their efforts to elect a speaker of their own. It also makes unsupported claims about Republican motives, such as suggesting that they are trying to suppress votes from certain cities or districts in order to win elections. Additionally, it fails to provide any evidence or counterarguments for its claims, making them difficult to verify or refute. Furthermore, it does not explore any potential risks associated with its proposed solutions or present both sides equally. As such, this article should be read with caution and further research should be done before accepting its claims as fact.