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1. Affle (India) Ltd. is a mid-cap company in the services sector with a market cap of Rs 12,660.18 crore.

2. The company has no debt since the last five years and has outperformed its three-year revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

3. Affle (India) share price moved down by -2.37% from its previous close of Rs 973.20, with a 52-week high of Rs 1,369.00 and a low of Rs 871.55.

Article analysis:

The article provides a brief overview of Affle (India) Ltd., its share price movements, key metrics, and peer comparison. However, the article lacks in-depth analysis and critical evaluation of the company's financial performance, market position, and growth prospects.

The article presents some biased information by highlighting only positive aspects of the company's financials such as zero debt burden and beating 3-year revenue CAGR. It fails to mention any potential risks or challenges that the company may face in the future.

The article also lacks evidence for some of its claims such as "Daily MACD crossover appeared yesterday. Average price decline of -4.14% within 10 days of this signal in last 10 years." There is no supporting data or analysis provided to back up this claim.

Furthermore, the article does not explore counterarguments or present both sides equally. For example, it only mentions one sell signal without providing any bullish signals or perspectives on the stock.

The article also includes promotional content such as encouraging readers to join ET Prime for more insights and predictions on Affle (India) shares.

Overall, while the article provides some basic information on Affle (India) Ltd., it lacks critical analysis and balanced reporting. Readers should seek additional sources for a more comprehensive understanding of the company's financial performance and growth prospects.