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1. Critical theory is a method of analysis derived from a nonpositivist epistemology, rather than a general theory. It focuses on immanent critique, which is a means of identifying societal contradictions that can lead to emancipatory social change.

2. Immanent critique has its roots in the Hegelian-Marxist tradition and has developed as the central mode of critical theoretic analysis. It involves examining the dialectic in history to uncover the most determinate possibilities for social transformation.

3. The article aims to clarify the intellectual and historical basis of critical theory, which is often misunderstood due to its difficult philosophical terminology. By explaining the origins and developments of immanent critique, it seeks to provide sociologists with a clearer understanding of this approach.

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这篇文章的标题是“Immanent Critique as the Core of Critical Theory: Its Origins and Developments in Hegel, Marx and Contemporary Thought”。从标题可以看出,文章的主题是批判理论及其在黑格尔、马克思和当代思想中的起源和发展。然而,由于我无法访问全文,以下分析将基于文章摘要进行。