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1. Elon Musk's company, The Boring Company, is digging tunnels under LA to create a 3D network of tunnels that will alleviate traffic congestion. The tunnels will have an entrance and exit that can be seamlessly integrated into the city using elevators and car skates.

2. Musk believes that tunneling costs can be reduced by cutting the tunnel diameter by a factor of two or more and designing tunneling machines to do continuous tunneling and reinforcing. He aims to achieve at least an order of magnitude improvement in the cost per mile of tunneling.

3. Musk prefers underground transportation solutions like the Hyperloop over flying cars because they are less noisy and generate less wind force. He believes that there is no real length limit for tunnels and envisions a future where high-density areas like DC-to-New York are connected via underground Hyperloop tunnels.

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