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1. The origin of the phrase "information society" is disputed, but it generally refers to the impact of information technology on all aspects of economic and social relations.

2. There are different models and levels of narrative associated with the concept of the information society, including those based on Bell, Masuda, Schement, Curtis, and Karvalics.

3. The U.S. needs a broad national "information policy" that goes beyond "data-based" policy making and requires an organizing metaphor to understand how diverse factors interconnect and affect society. The paper examines different conceptual frames adopted by the E.U., China, and UNESCO for information policy formation.

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Unfortunately, the provided article is not available for preview, so a detailed critical analysis cannot be conducted. However, based on the title and the brief description provided, it appears that the article aims to explore the meaning, history, and conceptual framework of the term "information society." It may discuss different perspectives and debates surrounding this concept and its implications for various aspects of society.

Without access to the full article, it is impossible to determine any potential biases or shortcomings in its content. However, it is important to approach any information with a critical eye and consider multiple sources and perspectives before forming conclusions.