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1. The article discusses various perspectives on the concept of society, including its historical and intellectual foundations.

2. Social informatics has been a subject of research for the past 25 years, providing insights into the design and operation of information systems.

3. The development of technology and the rise of the creative class have transformed daily life in America, leading to changes in work, leisure, and community.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Society – what is it exactly? (The meaning, history and conceptual framework of an expression)" provides a list of sources related to the concept of society. The sources cover various aspects of society, including its historical development, economic and technological changes, and social implications.

However, the article lacks a clear thesis or argument. It simply presents a list of sources without providing any analysis or synthesis of their content. This makes it difficult to evaluate the potential biases or one-sided reporting in the sources.

One potential bias in the sources is their focus on Western societies and their experiences. There is little mention of non-Western societies or perspectives, which could limit the scope and applicability of the insights provided.

Additionally, some sources may have promotional content or partiality towards certain ideologies or perspectives. For example, "The Rise of the Creative Class" by R. Florida may promote a specific economic class as key to the future of cities without considering alternative perspectives.

Furthermore, some claims made in the sources may be unsupported or lack evidence. For instance, "The Social Framework of the Information Society" by M. Dertouzos and J. Moses suggests that information and telecommunications are central to postindustrial society without providing empirical evidence for this claim.

Overall, while the article provides a useful list of sources related to society, it lacks critical analysis and synthesis that would enable readers to evaluate potential biases and unsupported claims in these sources.