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1. The World Economic Forum has declared that people have no right to own their own car and should instead “walk or share”.

2. The WEF is advocating for communal sharing of cars and higher gas prices in order to reduce global demands for precious metals and fossil fuels.

3. The WEF is calling on its Young Global Leaders embedded in governments around the world to price private vehicles out of the market with massive gas price hikes.

Article analysis:

This article from News Punch presents a one-sided view of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) stance on private vehicle ownership, focusing solely on the negative aspects without providing any counterarguments or exploring alternative solutions. It also fails to provide any evidence for its claims, such as statistics or research studies, which makes it difficult to assess the trustworthiness and reliability of the article. Furthermore, it does not mention any potential risks associated with implementing the WEF's proposed policies, such as increased inequality or decreased access to transportation for those who cannot afford it. Additionally, there is a clear bias towards painting the WEF in a negative light by highlighting their use of private jets while simultaneously advocating against private vehicle ownership for ordinary people. This article also contains promotional content in the form of an advertisement encouraging readers to sign up for unfiltered news delivered straight to their inboxes. All these factors make this article unreliable and untrustworthy due to its lack of evidence and one-sided reporting.