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1. CO2 reduction to high value-added chemicals: The article discusses the strategy of electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to produce valuable chemicals. It highlights the importance of efficient conversion and utilization of CO2 due to increasing global emissions.

2. Selective transformation to C2 compounds: The article focuses on the selective transformation of CO2 into C2 compounds, such as ethylene, ethanol, and oxalic acid. It emphasizes the industrial value of these compounds and the challenges associated with complex carbon-carbon coupling reactions.

3. Integration of nitrogen sources in CO2 reduction: The article explores the integration of nitrogen atoms from sources like N2, nitrates, and nitrites into CO2 reduction reactions. This leads to the production of nitrogen-containing organics like urea, amides, and amines, expanding the application field of CO2 reduction. The review delves into recent advances, reaction mechanisms, and key intermediates involved in electrocatalytic coupling between CO2 and nitrogen sources.

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