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Technomobility in China
Source: degruyter.com
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1. The book "Technomobility in China" by Cara Wallis offers unique insight into how mobile phones both liberate and subjugate young Chinese working class women, known as dagongmei, who live and work in major cities far away from their rural homes.

2. Wallis' ethnographically rich and empathetic portrayal of the intricacies of life among young female migrants navigating the experience of immobile mobility is a welcome and valuable addition to our understanding of communication, mobility, and contemporary China.

3. The book challenges stereotypes about passive migrant workers and highlights the ideological, social, and economic barriers that tend to limit their success. It is hoped that the book will contribute to the improvement of social and political conditions faced by migrant laborers.

Article analysis:

该文章主要介绍了Cara Wallis的著作《Technomobility in China》。该书通过对中国年轻女性打工妹使用手机的研究,探讨了移动技术对她们生活和工作的影响。文章引用了多位学者对该书的评价,认为其理论基础扎实、实证研究丰富、分析细致入微。