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Source: collab.its.virginia.edu
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1. The overall product rating is generated by taking an average of the emotional ratings for each review.

2. Star ratings are also calculated as an average of the reviews' star ratings.

3. Keyword prevalence is determined by the percentage of total keywords from all reviews that contain a particular idea.

Article analysis:

The article appears to be reliable in terms of its explanation of how product ratings and keyword prevalence are calculated, as it provides clear steps and definitions for both processes. However, there is no indication of where the data used to calculate these scores comes from, which could lead to potential bias or inaccuracies in the results. Additionally, there is no discussion of any potential risks associated with using this method or any counterarguments that could be made against it, which could lead to a one-sided presentation of the information. Furthermore, there is no evidence provided to support any claims made in the article, which could make it difficult for readers to assess its accuracy and trustworthiness. Finally, there is no indication that both sides of the argument have been presented equally or fairly, which could lead to partiality in the reporting.