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1. Russia has lied, invaded Ukraine, and created a refugee crisis and war in Europe since the Second World War.

2. Russia's invasion has demonstrated the strength of the Ukrainian people and resulted in a more united NATO.

3. The cost of Russia's invasion includes thousands of lives lost, civilian infrastructure destroyed, and a great moral stain on the Russian military.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Putin has badly miscalculated in Ukraine: UK statement to the OSCE - GOV.UK" is written from a biased perspective that portrays Russia as an aggressor and Ukraine as a victim of aggression. The article does not present both sides equally or explore counterarguments to its claims, instead relying heavily on rhetoric to make its point. It also fails to provide evidence for some of its claims, such as that Russia has weaponised the Vienna Document or that it has resorted to blunt-edged attrition against entire cities and towns. Additionally, there is no mention of any potential risks associated with supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia or any discussion of possible diplomatic solutions to the conflict. Furthermore, there is promotional content throughout the article which paints Ukraine in a positive light while demonizing Russia for its actions. In conclusion, this article is highly biased and unreliable due to its lack of evidence for some claims, failure to present both sides equally, lack of exploration into counterarguments or potential risks associated with supporting Ukraine's fight against Russia, and promotional content throughout.