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1. The Houston government is planning to add 423 hospital beds, four more operating rooms, and two new emergency departments to the Halifax Infirmary over the next 10-15 years.

2. Black workers with HRM are alleging they are the target of anti-Black racist bullying by management and will be attending a rally in front of City Hall on Friday.

3. A woman is suing Halifax Regional Police and three officers alleging they hit her in the head with a baton in a cell last year, and there have been 673 COVID deaths in Nova Scotia since March 1st. Permanent bike lanes, wider sidewalks, narrower lanes, and trees are proposed for Brunswick Street.

Article analysis:

The article provides an overview of several current issues in Halifax, including plans for hospital expansion, allegations of racism against Black HRM workers, a lawsuit against police officers for brutality, and proposed changes to Brunswick Street. The article is generally reliable as it provides factual information from official sources such as Premier Tim Houston's announcement about hospital expansion plans and Raymond Sheppard's organization of a rally for Black HRM workers. However, some claims made in the article lack evidence or further explanation; for example, the claim that "people of European descent are sort of looked upon as being better-than" without any further evidence or context provided. Additionally, while the article does provide some statistics regarding COVID deaths in Nova Scotia (such as age ranges), it does not provide any information on other aspects of the pandemic such as vaccination rates or infection rates which could provide additional context to these figures. Furthermore, while the article does mention potential risks associated with changes to Brunswick Street (such as increased traffic congestion), it does not explore any potential benefits or advantages that could come from these changes which could provide a more balanced view on this issue. In conclusion, while this article provides factual information from official sources regarding current issues in Halifax, it lacks evidence for some claims made and fails to explore both sides of certain issues which could lead to an incomplete understanding of these topics.