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1. The Crimean War in the 1850s was a modern war, employing the technological developments of the first industrial revolution.

2. Russia is unlikely to negotiate over the future of Crimea unless they are forced to through continuing battlefield defeats.

3. Ukraine needs to complete offensives to recapture all of its southern territory as enabling activities before any campaign for Crimea can be launched.

Article analysis:

The article “With Crimea in play, Russia's war against Ukraine might be on a path to humiliation” by Mick Ryan is an informative and detailed analysis of the current situation between Russia and Ukraine regarding the Crimean peninsula. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the history of the Crimean War, as well as an assessment of what a potential winter campaign in Ukraine would look like for Russian forces. It also offers insight into how Ukraine and its supporters in the international community could move towards regaining control over this part of their territory.

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy, providing evidence-based arguments and insights into both sides of the conflict. It does not present either side as being completely right or wrong, but rather acknowledges that there are complexities involved in resolving this issue. The author also acknowledges that there are risks associated with any potential military action taken by either side, noting that Putin may decide that his only option to defend Crimea is nuclear weapons if he feels threatened enough.

The article does not appear to have any major biases or one-sided reporting; it presents both sides fairly and objectively without taking sides or making unsupported claims. All points made by the author are backed up with evidence from reliable sources such as interviews with Ukrainian command in chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi and comments from politicians and senior military leaders about the status of Crimea. Additionally, all counterarguments are explored thoroughly throughout the article, allowing readers to form their own opinions on this complex issue without feeling pressured into believing one side over another.