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1. The article discusses the user experience analysis of the Bibit mutual fund investment application in Indonesia using the Heuristic Evaluation method. The study aims to design a new user interface and analyze user experience based on a questionnaire distributed to Bibit users. The questionnaire is based on 10 Heuristic Evaluation variables, such as visibility of system status, user control and freedom, consistency and standards, error prevention, recognition rather than recall, flexibility and efficiency of use, aesthetic and minimalist design, help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors, and help and documentation.

2. The results of the study show that the flexibility and efficiency of use variable is significantly influenced by recognition rather than recall and user control and freedom. On the other hand, the error prevention variable has the smallest value compared to other variables, indicating that it is significantly influenced by recognition rather than recall and user control and freedom. Based on these findings, proposed improvements are recommended for the home page, switch portfolio page, and nabung rutin (regular saving) page of the Bibit application.

3. The article also provides an overview of evaluation methods, including heuristic evaluation as a way to assess whether an interface is user-friendly. It explains that heuristic evaluation involves using a set of heuristic guidelines developed by Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich in 1990. These guidelines serve as design principles for product development and evaluation. The article further introduces SEM-PLS (Structural Equation Modeling - Partial Least Squares) as a causal modeling approach used to evaluate data quality based on measurement models.

Overall, this article highlights the importance of evaluating user experience in mutual fund investment applications like Bibit using methods such as heuristic evaluation. It provides insights into specific variables that influence user experience and offers recommendations for improving the application's user interface design based on these findings.

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