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1. The meaning of inventive step: According to the Patents Act 2013, an invention involves an inventive step if it is not obvious to a person skilled in the art, considering any prior art.

2. The four-step approach to assess obviousness: The Windsurfing case established a structured approach to determine whether an invention is obvious. This approach includes identifying the claimed inventive concept, determining the common general knowledge of a skilled person in the art, identifying differences between prior art and the alleged invention, and deciding if these differences require any degree of invention.

3. Assessing inventive step at the priority date: Inventive step is assessed at the priority date of the claim in question. It is important to consider that what may seem obvious at a later date may not have been so at the time of filing. The perspective should be that of a skilled person at the priority date.

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然而,这篇文章可能存在一些缺失的考虑点。例如,在讨论“person skilled in the art”时,文章提到该人应该是一个能够进行常规工作调整但不具备侧向思维或创造力的合格工人。然而,实际上,根据专利法和实践,该人通常被认为是在特定领域内具有普通技术水平的专业人士,他们可以运用自己的专业知识来解决问题。