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1. The importance of upgrading marketing strategies for hotels and resorts during the pandemic: Despite the challenges faced by the tourism and hospitality industry, it is crucial for decision-makers to focus on upgrading their marketing efforts. Investing in videos can be a great way to supercharge a hotel's marketing, as 76% of marketers have reported positive ROI from video content.

2. Examples of inspiring hotel and resort promo videos: The article provides a list of 10 best hotel and resort promo videos that showcase different approaches to storytelling and capturing the essence of each property. These videos range from showcasing luxury experiences to highlighting unique destinations, using various techniques such as aerial shots, intimate scenes with locals, and motion graphics.

3. The possibility of video production during the pandemic: The article mentions that video collaboration software allows production teams to work seamlessly with clients even remotely. This means that despite the current situation, it is still possible to create high-quality promotional videos for hotels and resorts.

Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of investing in video content for hotels and resorts, provides examples of successful promo videos, and assures readers that video production is still feasible during these challenging times.

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