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1. The first point is that the student has maintained a positive attitude and worked hard to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, making up for their own shortcomings and demanding high standards from themselves. They have also actively participated in various school activities and strive for all-round development.

2. The second point is that the student has achieved excellent academic performance, with scores above 80 points in each subject and winning special scholarships. They have also actively studied mathematical modeling and participated in competitions, winning the third prize. In terms of work, they have served as a counselor assistant, organized various activities, and received praise from students.

3. The third point is that the student has developed good personal habits, such as paying attention to personal hygiene, engaging in physical exercise, and practicing diligence and thrift. They have also established good interpersonal relationships and gained respect and support from classmates. Overall, the student has made great progress in all aspects and is committed to continuing their studies with a positive attitude and enthusiasm.

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