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1. Quebec's plan to eradicate English is worse than expected, with the proportion of Quebecers that use English more than French in their daily lives only at 14%.

2. The CAQ language bill has cracked down on any doctor or nurse who would dare speak English to anyone not member of the “historic Anglo community”.

3. Quebec's intolerant immigration policies has only let into the Montreal area about 90,000 unilingual English-speaking newcomers in the last three years, and the law prohibits the use of any language but French in the province’s workplaces.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Opinion | Quebec’s Plan to Eradicate English" provides an overview of how Quebec's plan to eradicate English is worse than expected. The article is written by Jean-François Lisée, a contributor for Sun., Jan. 8, 2023 and was updated on Jan. 09, 2023.

The article presents a one-sided view of the situation in Quebec and does not provide any counterarguments or evidence for its claims. It paints a bleak picture of what is happening in Quebec without providing any context or exploring other perspectives on the issue. For example, it fails to mention that there are still many people living in Quebec who speak both French and English fluently and that there are still many opportunities for those who wish to learn either language.

The article also makes unsupported claims such as stating that corruption, laziness and incompetence are endemic in Quebec without providing any evidence for this claim or exploring other possible explanations for why enforcement may be lacking. Additionally, it fails to mention potential risks associated with eradicating English from Quebec such as economic implications or social implications for those who do not speak French fluently.

In conclusion, this article does not present both sides equally and does not provide enough evidence or context to support its claims about eradicating English from Quebec. It is biased towards one side of the argument and fails to explore other perspectives or consider potential risks associated with this plan.