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1. The online dating market is worth US$2.5 billion per year and offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates.

2. There are a variety of dating affiliate programs to choose from, including eHarmony, Match.com, Elite Singles, Silver Singles, Christian Cafe, Christian Mingle, OurTime, Military Cupid, and Jdate.

3. Sub-niches within the dating industry, such as sites aimed at professionals or specific religions, can offer less competition and higher commission rates for affiliates.

Article analysis:

The article provides a comprehensive list of dating affiliate programs, highlighting their commission rates and cookie durations. However, the article seems to be biased towards promoting these programs without providing a balanced view of the potential risks involved in promoting them.

For example, the article mentions that the dating industry is worth $2.5 billion per year, but it fails to mention that this industry is also notorious for scams and fraudulent activities. The article also claims that there is a huge demand for dating sites among young people who are single but don't want to be, but it doesn't provide any evidence to support this claim.

Moreover, the article focuses solely on the potential profits that can be made from promoting these programs without considering the ethical implications of promoting dating sites. For instance, some of these sites may promote unhealthy relationship dynamics or exploit vulnerable individuals.

Overall, while the article provides useful information about dating affiliate programs, it lacks critical analysis and fails to consider important factors such as ethical concerns and potential risks associated with promoting these programs.