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1. Single-cell transcriptomics is a powerful tool for profiling complex and heterogeneous systems.

2. Comparative analysis of different scRNA-seq data sets is challenging due to difficulty in distinguishing between changes in cell type composition and expression changes within a given cell type.

3. A novel computational strategy has been developed for integrated analysis of scRNA-seq data sets, which can be used to compare heterogeneous tissues across different conditions, integrate measurements produced by different technologies, and compare single-cell data from different species.

Article analysis:

The article provides an overview of the potential applications of single-cell transcriptomics and introduces a novel computational strategy for integrated analysis of scRNA-seq data sets. The article is well written and provides clear explanations of the challenges associated with comparative analysis of scRNA-seq data sets. The authors provide evidence to support their claims, such as citing existing methods that address individual components of the problem, as well as providing examples of successful applications of their proposed method.

The article does not present any counterarguments or explore any potential risks associated with the use of this method. Additionally, there is no discussion on how this method could be improved or what further research needs to be done in order to make it more reliable and accurate. Furthermore, there is no mention of potential biases or sources of error that could affect the results obtained from this method.

In conclusion, while the article provides an overview of the potential applications and advantages associated with single-cell transcriptomics, it does not provide sufficient information on its trustworthiness and reliability or explore any possible risks associated with its use.