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1. Rex Murphy argues that science does not need to be "decolonized" and that it should remain free from political influence.

2. He uses examples of how science has been politicized in the past, such as Nazi Germany's attempt to ban Jewish science and Stalin's Marxist line on what science had to be.

3. He questions the idea of decolonizing science, asking what it could even mean in domains such as penicillin, anesthesia, open-heart surgery, and quantum physics.

Article analysis:

This article by Rex Murphy is a one-sided opinion piece that presents his own views without considering any counterarguments or exploring any other perspectives. The article is written in an inflammatory tone and makes sweeping generalizations about politics and its influence on science without providing any evidence for these claims. It also fails to consider the potential benefits of decolonizing science, such as increasing access to scientific knowledge for marginalized communities who have historically been excluded from scientific discourse due to systemic racism and colonialism. Furthermore, the article contains promotional content in the form of advertisements which are not related to the topic at hand and may be seen as distracting from the main argument presented by Murphy. In conclusion, this article is biased and unreliable due to its lack of evidence for its claims and its failure to present both sides of the argument equally.