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1. Gun control laws only affect law-abiding citizens, and criminals overwhelmingly obtain their firearms through illegal channels.

2. Background checks are ineffective at stopping those who intend to use guns to commit crimes.

3. Allowing law-abiding citizens to more easily access firearms helps reduce violent crime, while cities with the strictest gun control have the highest crime rates.

Article analysis:

The article “Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work” is written by the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). The article presents a one-sided argument against gun control, claiming that it does not work and that allowing law-abiding citizens to more easily access firearms helps reduce violent crime.

The article fails to present any counterarguments or evidence in support of gun control, instead relying on anecdotal evidence and statistics from cities with strict gun control laws to make its case. Additionally, the article does not address potential risks associated with increased access to firearms or explore any other possible solutions for reducing violent crime besides allowing more people to carry guns.

The source of this article is also questionable as it is written by an organization that has a vested interest in promoting its own agenda and opposing gun control legislation. This could lead to bias in the reporting and a lack of objectivity when presenting facts and arguments about gun control. Furthermore, the article does not provide any sources for its claims or evidence for its arguments, making it difficult to verify the accuracy of its statements or determine if they are supported by research or data.

In conclusion, this article should be read with caution as it presents a one-sided argument against gun control without exploring counterarguments or providing evidence for its claims. It is also important to consider the source of this information when evaluating its trustworthiness and reliability.