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1. Last Generation, a climate protest movement, organized slow marches in Prague to demand a reduction of the maximum speed limit in the city to 30 km/h.

2. The activists argue that slower speeds would improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as encourage alternative modes of transportation.

3. Prague has committed to supporting pedestrian and public transportation and reducing car usage but has not followed through on its climate commitments, according to Last Generation protesters.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the recent climate protests in Prague, where activists are using the tactic of "slow marches" to slow down traffic and demand a reduction in the maximum speed limit in the city to 30 km/h. While the article provides some statistics and quotes from activists, it lacks depth and balance in its reporting.

One potential bias in the article is its focus on the views of the protesters without presenting counterarguments or perspectives from other stakeholders, such as drivers or city officials. The article also presents unsupported claims, such as the assertion that reducing speed limits will automatically lead to increased use of alternative modes of transportation like cycling or public transit.

Additionally, while the article cites statistics on road fatalities and injuries, it does not provide evidence for how much of these incidents are caused by speeding specifically. It also fails to consider potential risks associated with slowing down traffic, such as increased congestion and longer commute times for drivers.

Furthermore, the article contains promotional content for Last Generation (Poslední generace), a European movement that is not well-known outside of activist circles. This could suggest a bias towards promoting their cause rather than providing objective reporting.

Overall, while the article raises important issues related to road safety and sustainable transportation, it would benefit from more balanced reporting that considers multiple perspectives and provides evidence for its claims.