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1. Mn4+-doped fluorides are promising materials for improving the color rendering and luminous efficacy of white light-emitting diodes (w-LEDs).

2. Quenching of the red Mn4+ luminescence in these phosphors occurs through thermally activated crossover between the 4T2 excited state and 4A2 ground state, and can be optimized by designing host lattices with a high 4T2 state energy.

3. Concentration quenching effects are limited up to 5% Mn4+, but at higher concentrations (>10%), quantum efficiency decreases due to direct energy transfer to quenching sites such as defects and impurity ions. Optimization of synthesis is crucial for developing more efficient highly absorbing Mn4+ phosphors.

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此外,在文章中提到了优化主机晶格以提高Mn4+ 4T2态能量以最大程度地利用蓝色LED光吸收。然而,它并没有探讨这种优化是否会导致其他问题或限制材料性能。