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1. Eating health has become a trend in the post-epidemic era, with consumers paying more attention to their own health and actively adjusting their diet to prevent diseases.

2. Food companies are playing the banner of "health" and launching healthy products, such as low-fat snacks and salt-reduced meat products, to cater to the trend of general health in the food industry.

3. Online digital marketing has become an important way for food companies to expand their business and develop online channels, with Jinluo Group leading the way by launching a series of online digital marketing campaigns with "health" as the core.

Article analysis:


1. 偏见来源:该文章是由金罗集团发布的宣传稿件,因此可能存在对自身产品的过度宣传和夸大其作用的倾向。

2. 片面报道:该文章只介绍了金罗集团推出的健康食品品牌“健士力”,并未提及其他企业在饮食健康领域所做出的贡献。

3. 无根据的主张:该文章声称“Jianshili salt-reduced ham sausage”将盐分降低了30%,但未提供具体数据或证据来支持这一主张。

4. 缺失考虑点:该文章未探讨消费者在购买健康食品时可能面临的高价、不方便等问题,也未提及企业在生产过程中可能存在的环境污染和动物福利等问题。

5. 所提出主张缺失证据:该文章声称83%的消费者积极调整饮食以预防疾病,但未提供相关调查数据或来源。

6. 未探索的反驳:该文章未探讨可能存在的质疑或反对意见,缺乏平衡性。

7. 宣传内容偏袒:该文章过度宣传金罗集团的产品和品牌,缺乏客观性和中立性。