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1. Google AdSense no longer supports Western Union as a payment method and recommends wire transfer instead.

2. China Merchants Bank is recommended for wire transfer due to good service and no handling fee for foreign exchange collection.

3. The article provides a tutorial on how to set up wire transfer with China Merchants Bank, including information on how to settle foreign exchange and a tip on using family members' bank accounts to bypass the annual foreign exchange limit.

Article analysis:

该文章是一篇介绍Google AdSense电汇教程的文章,但其存在一些问题。首先,文章没有提供作者身份和来源,缺乏可信度。其次,文章只介绍了中国招商银行作为收款银行的方法,并未提供其他银行的选择,可能会导致读者在选择时受到限制。此外,文章没有探讨使用电汇存在的潜在风险和注意事项,可能会给读者带来不必要的损失。最后,该文章宣传了招商银行服务好且无手续费等信息,可能存在偏袒之嫌。