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1. The Ojibwe spirit horse is the only known indigenous horse breed in Canada, and it was nearly driven to extinction by European settlers.

2. Rhonda Snow has dedicated her life to preserving the endangered breed, which has been revived through careful management and selective breeding.

3. Indigenous oral histories and recent research suggest that horses have always been on the continent of North America, contrary to the commonly accepted story that they were introduced by colonisers.

Article analysis:

The article “The Return of the Spirit Horse to Canada” is generally reliable and trustworthy, as it provides evidence for its claims and presents both sides of the story fairly. The article cites sources such as Dr Yvette Running Horse Collin’s research on Spanish accounts placing herds in what is now Georgia and the Carolinas in 1521, as well as DNA testing showing that Ojibwe spirit horses are a separate breed from those introduced by Europeans. It also mentions Indigenous oral histories and spiritual beliefs about horses being present on Turtle Island before Europeans arrived.

The article does not appear to be biased or one-sided; it presents both sides of the story fairly without promoting any particular point of view or agenda. It does not make unsupported claims or omit important points of consideration; instead, it provides evidence for its claims and explores counterarguments where appropriate. Furthermore, it does not contain any promotional content or partiality; instead, it focuses on providing an accurate account of events related to the Ojibwe spirit horse's return to Canada.

In conclusion, this article is generally reliable and trustworthy; however, readers should be aware that some information may be missing or incomplete due to space constraints or other factors.