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1. The article examines the persistence of disciplinary mechanisms in the context of deterritorialized risk analysis, biometric identity banking, and ‘network thinking’ that characterize state security regimes.

2. It traces how air travelers move through a series of risk analysis and inspection practices, combining passenger pre-screening, check-in, visual inspection and ‘behavior observation’ to surveil different spatiotemporal slices of passengers' identities, belongings, and future plans.

3. The article argues that spatial orders are produced in and through the embodied performance of speech, and further, that disciplining speech points to enduring anxieties about the ‘securitized subject’ in post-9/11 security regimes.

Article analysis:

The article is written by Michael Dillon from Academia.edu which is a reliable source for academic research papers. The article is well researched with evidence from multiple sources such as theories of complex adaptive systems, networks, emergence into its strategy as well as information-driven inspection practices. The author has also provided an analysis of the interpretive practices of TSA staff which adds credibility to his argument. However, there are some potential biases in the article such as one-sided reporting which could be addressed by providing more counterarguments or exploring other perspectives on the issue. Additionally, there are some unsupported claims made in the paper which could be addressed by providing more evidence for these claims or exploring other sources for further information on these topics. Furthermore, there are some missing points of consideration which could be addressed by exploring other aspects related to this topic such as possible risks associated with security regimes or not presenting both sides equally when discussing this issue. All in all, this article is generally trustworthy and reliable but could benefit from addressing some potential biases and unsupported claims mentioned above.